Who can apply

The Elite Academy program is intended for students who have successfully completed eight nine or ten years of schooling and wish to continue their high school education in Israel.
The course of study for participants in the Elite Academy consists of the last three or four years of high school, (years 9,10,11 and 12 of studies) with the objective of completing the Israeli matriculation – a High School diploma recognized by most countries in the world.
The importance of having an Israeli Matriculation (Bagrut) is that it enables students to be accepted to a wide spectrum of universities and academic colleges, both in Israel and around the world.
If you are studying in the eighth, ninth or tenth year of school, you are a candidate for the Elite Academy. Acceptance to the Academy is based on passing an interviewing procedure and a written exam. Academic background and emotional maturity are among the criteria for acceptance. Participants retain their citizenship in the country of origin, and stay in Israel on a three-year student visa.
Students who already hold an Israeli Id/Passport stay in Israel using their Israeli passport only.
All you need to do is press the following link and sign up online for the program.
* Make sure you state that you are interested in the Mosenson High School when you sign up