Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are the rooms heated and air-conditioned?

Yes they are, on set times.


2. Are the boys and girls separated?

The boys and girl live in the same building.


3. Are the bathrooms/showers attached to the room?

Each room has its own bathroom. In some buildings they are attached to the room, some are not attached to the room, rather across the hall.


4. How many students are in a room?

There are 3-4 students per room.


5. Is there a TV in the room?

No, there is a TV in the communal living room.


6. Is it advisable to bring a personal computer/ laptop?

Yes. Laptops can be used for studying and communication purposes. The Hebrew Ulpan program will be taught with a special computer program so it will be very useful for the students. Keep in mind that the school can't be responsible for it in any way, so the student has to take good care of it and make sure it's locked in a safe place at all times. laptops are allowed till 22:30 after that the students are not allowed to use them – in order to make sure they will get enough sleep. If the students use them after 22:30 the counselor will have to collect the laptop and lock it in the staff room every night.


7. Is it advisable to bring a personal stereo?

It's possible, but a compact one.


8. Is it advisable to bring a cellular phone from over seas?

It is possible to bring a cell phone from abroad you will however need to make sure in advance that it is compatible with the Israeli cellular system.


9.What kind of clothing should I bring?

You should bring sports clothing, sport shoes, slippers, a jacket/coat, sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, underwear and a white button-down shirt.


10. Are there school uniforms?

Yes, you will receive 7 t-shirts and 2 sweatshirts.


11. Should I bring my medical records?

Yes, any and all medical records should be brought.


12.Can parents visit and stay at Mosenson?

Yes, we welcome all parents to come and visit, we advise that theses visits take place during holidays only, in order not to disrupt the students' studies, all we ask that all visits are coordinated with the management of the program.

14.Are the students allowed to go to the beach on their free time?

Definitely NOT!! This also includes discos, pubs and clubs.

15. Are the students allowed to leave the boarding school grounds?

Yes, with permission from their counselor and only at times when there are no official activities.


16. Students have to bring with them and e-mail in advance a list of family/friends who they will visit during weekends and vacations. This list should include: the name of the person, address, phone number, E-mail and the person's relationship to the student.

17. Do the students have to pay for visits outside of the boarding school from their own money?

No, they get a bus/train transportation ticket (during free weekends and vacations).


18. What happens to students who don't leave the boarding school on a Saturday?

There is a counselor on duty every weekend. Mosenson is a "home away from home" during the entire year.


 19. Can the students miss any school days to fly back home?

No – Students are allowed to fly home only during the vacations dates – and not before or after them, the vacation dates will be emailed to you before the beginning of the school year.


20. What does each student receive?

They receive 110 shekel per month as allowance, transportation tickets to visit family/friends during vacations and weekends (according to the need), basic toiletries (soap/shampoo/toothpaste) and 400 shekel per year for clothing (this includes the school uniform).

21. Health:

There is a nurse on the grounds every day, "Kupat Holim" (socialized medicine) which offers doctors in all fields, medicine, dentist (except fororthodenture) all for free.