As a rule, all that is against the law in the country is prohibited in the boarding school.


Boarding-school students' rights


To receive all the services given within the boarding-school, including the village nurse.

To take part in all activities.

To receive an explanation for all demands and chores required.

To complain about any wrong-doing and appeal any decision with the boarding school principal.


In addition, the boarding-school prohibits:

 Violation of any of the school or boarding-school regulations.

Gambling or smoking on the village premises.

Receiving guests in the village. This is allowed only by specific consent of the village principal.

Leaving the village premises without written permission. Going outside of the Hod Hasharon boundaries requires written permission a day in advance from the boarding-school principal.

Sleeping outside of the village without written permission.

Going out for entertainment purposes (parties, clubs, discos, etc). This is true during the week as well as when spending the weekend on campus.

Leaving your building after "lights-out".

Going alone to any water resorts; the beach, swimming pools, etc.

Visiting these places is allowed only within the boarding-school or school activities and with special written permission.

It is your responsibility to attend school regularly, according to the timetable of the school.

 You are to attend and participate in all classes and prepare homework.

You are expected to participate in all extra-curricular activities of the school and boarding-school. You are to obey the educational staff instructors both in school and in the boarding-school.

You are to obey all adult staff members in the youth village.

When you visit family for a weekend or holiday, full responsibility lies with The hosting family.

You are expected to take care of the village property.

You are obligated to take part in all group and individual chores pertaining to the upkeep of the village. You are expected to fulfill your chores of keeping your room, building and area clean and presentable.

 Do not glue stickers of any kind in the rooms or on youth village property.